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H N Hirsch is currently Erwin N. Griswold Professor of Politics Emeritus at Oberlin College in Ohio. Born in Chicago, he was educated at the University of Michigan and at Princeton. He has also taught at Harvard, the University of California--San Diego, and Macalester College, and has served as Dean of Arts and Sciences at Oberlin. He is currently writing the Bob and Marcus Mystery series. The first novel, "Shade," appeared in 2021, and the sequel, "Fault Line," will be published on June 1, 2023. An advanced review says: "Written in the classic style of James Ellroy, Fault Line is a murder mystery you won't soon forget. With a full cast of characters, a scenic setting, plus a laundry list of suspects, I couldn't stop reading until the dramatic conclusion. Fans of L.A. Confidential will enjoy this political murder mystery. 5 stars!"— N. N. Light's Book Heaven.  https://a.co/d/iD22Olj